HUMAN STORY ~ CEO interview

A CEO, Sadie Yoshimi Hase, has been featured in an interview on HUMAN STORY.

The interview includes the background story of how SmileHome Inc. was established.

Please take a look.  (Japanese)

―― Written below is the English translation of the interview. ――

CEO, SmileHome Inc.

Yoshimi Hase

"To make Tokyo the world's most livable city"


After graduating from San Francisco State University with a master degree in Chinese Studies, Yoshimi Hase co-managed a corporate PR production company.

Two years later, she joined a U.S. chemical manufacturing company, in which she was in charge of marketing in seven Asian countries and received numerous awards including the Marketing Excellence Award and the president's Award.

After leaving the company in 2015, she began her career as an independent real estate consultant.

In 2019, she founded SmileHome Inc., an IT company, which she leads to this day.

She is a single mother of one son and one daughter.

How I began my current job

While I was helping a real estate businesses after becoming independent, I witnessed how difficult it is for foreigners in Japan to find a home, and I wanted to do something about the issue.

Another issue was that it was taking significant costs and time for the businesses to handle foreign customers.

Realizing that IT was the only way to solve such issues, I began to work on software development, a field that I had no past experience.

I thought that this would be a better way to contribute to society than becoming a real estate operator myself.

What I value most in work

I believe in the importance of human relationships.

As social networking services become the mainstream method of communication, many people try to communicate everything through such services; however, this alone cannot convey human emotions.

Convenient tools increase work efficiency, but they are no match for genuine connections between people.

I believe that many life problems can be solved by valuing communication and honestly, persistently conveying your feelings to others.

A message to young people

My hope is that you will gain the courage to confront risks and difficulties instead of avoiding them.

If you do not take risks, nothing will happen in your life.

If you do take risks, you will most likely face various problems, but if you stand strong and do not show your back to anyone, you will naturally be able to avoid troublesome situations.

Life is all about balance: when something bad happens, think of it as you getting rid of bad luck and believe that only good things will happen in the future.

The key to happiness is to always look at the bright side of things.